Flags and Ensigns

Chleweiness flag

Description: asymmetrical per pale, black hoist narrower than red fly, a yellow band bellow from hoist to fly. Golden emblem on the canton.


hoist: 1
pale width:  
band width:  
band position:   top from top


size: 1/2 hoist pale wide — 1/2 hoist pale height above band.
position: centered in the hoist pale above the band.
width of the strokes: geometric mean between 1/8 of the height and 1/7 of
the width of the emblem.
shadowed fimbriation: 1/4 of the wide of the strokes.

Suggested RGB:

red: 242, 0, 0 (#F20000)
black: 0, 0, 0 (#000000)
yellow: 255, 230, 0 (#FFE600)
golden: 255, 204, 0 (#FFCC00)
golden light: 255, 238, 170 (#FFEEAA)
golden dark: 170, 136, 0 (#AA8800)

Coat of Arms

Chlewey Coat of Arms

Blazon: Shield round in base.
Per fess and chief per pale asymmetrical (dexter narrower than sinister); first per fess Argent and Sable, a fess embattled counter-embattled between three marlets countercharged; second Gules, a pomegranate Or open seeds Gules, pre-Columbian "tunjo" Or ornamented Azure; and third Or, broken chain in fess links Sable & Azure alternated.

Construction sheet:
The artwork should have the following dimensions: proportion 9:8; the vertical cut between chief dexter and chief sinister should be a golden ratio; chief sinister square.

Consort Coat of Arms

Consort Coat of Arms

Blazon: Shield round in base.
Per fess and chief per pale fibrillated Argent; first Azure a cow Argent; second Argent on border Azure, a lion Gules; and third Or a cat Sable jouerant with a ball Gules.