Chlewey Thompin 1988 Scripts

This guy Chlewey was born on November 1972, so when this story begins, Chlewey was 15 years old.

Two girlfriends had Chlewey have until then from an one side declaration when our hero was respectively 4 and 6 years old. Their names were Sandra Patricia and Ingrid, but none of them was specially important for Chlewey in 1988.

Our hero felt in love that year. His first adolescent love. A fact that drew him to write. Just writing... nonsense maybe... but Chlewey read back what he had just written and sounded somehow poetic to him. Here began the Chlewey Thompin Scripts then. The Chlewey Thompin 1988 Scripts are also called the 1988 Thinks (not Thoughts, nor Things).

On November 1988, Chlewey begun a diary, which had some continuity until the notebook, the diary was written on, ran finished. After the complexity of translating the whole diary into electronic media, adding disk space problems, no part of it will appear on-line by the moment.

A story called H-15 was also born. This story circulated for Chlewey's school mates on an original handwriting media by the end of 1988. The first printed media dates from 1989.