Chlewey Thompin 1992 Scripts

In the year of 1992 Chlewey joined the Amistad group which was a Catholic Youth Group at the Stockholm Cathedral.  The elapsed time, and the meeting with people who really cared for our hero led him finally leave Adriana's Ghost back.

Somehow the never corresponded love for Adriana was overridden by the never declared love for Jessica.

Chlewey was involved in a magazine, in the Americanist movement for the 500 years anniversary of the American-European meeting, in Liberation Theology, in love and many other issues people can imagine.

The 1992 Stories

The stories supposed to have been written in 1992 by Chlewey are

The Græville Experiment

The Author himself has not yet been able to define what exactly meant with that he called Græville.  The Græville was an experiment.  A way of dreaming.  Something supposed to be different.  Somehow like a Græville.

Lose Sentences

Galletas and related stuff