Chlewey Thompin 1995 Scripts

The crisis that affected Chlewey on late 1994 was not over. But a new occupation drew our hero to think in some different issues. Chlewey Thompin joined the software research and development GIDES group leading him to his first contacts to the Internet. Our hero was one of the first students at the Javeriana University to publish a personal home page, and did it in three different languages. Emailing was one other think Chlewey found joining GIDES, and begun using it in order to communicate himself with the external world represented in his class mates. Mainly the female ones.

On June, 1995, our hero begun a C language class for a group that was being formed for graphic development on windows. This group, named Vitral after his firs project, a screen saver with the same name, drew itself from GIDES in a sort of schism. Héctor Díaz, Vitral leader, was not only interested in making a R&D group. He was also interested in develop skills in public expression and in socializing the bunch of nerds he had in his hands. This drew our hero to a more exciting social life.

Some first contacts with a student group called Objetivo Calidad was opening Chlewey's mind in some other kind of life he had maybe lost in college. Some how Objetivo Calidad represented a kind of life he missed from Amistad times.

The notebook Chlewey begun on 1990 as a diary run over with a single date on early 1995. Finishing this year our hero begun a third notebook. After most of those quotes involve people other than Chlewey in a way not quite to be published, it won't be published.

Some e-mailing

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