What is Chleweyish:

Chleweyish is a personal language, this is a kind of constructed languages with the aim to express the thoughts and world view of the author in tasks like keeping a diary or writing self reminds.

Chleweyish is not intended as a help for communicating people but it pretends to be a learnable language.  Its grammar is loosely taken from Colombian Signed Language (LSC) with borrowings from Romance and Germanic language (and even LSC) but with most of its vocabulary being a priori.

Despite is relationship with LSC, Chleweyish is mostly an oral/written language, not a signed one.

how to learn:


The following links on resources on Chleweyish

  • Starling's song, by Irina Rempt, translated from Brithenig, from Doraya, from Asisteya, from Boranecian, from Eloshtan, from Moten, from Kernu, from DraselĂ©q, from Ricadh, from Nzva, from WatakassĂ­, from Hatasoe, from Rokbeigalmki, from Teonaht, from the original Valdyan.