Chlewey Thompin 1993 Scripts

Coming back to Colombia was a little trauma for our hero. Colombia, and Bogotá mainly, was Chlewey's home land and Chlewey loved his country and his city but the ties he had established in Stockholm were suddenly broken and some feeling of void overcame.

There is not a large production of stories or poetry from this period.

Lose sentences

Chlewey never developed the habit of keeping order on his thinks and taking notes at class was part of it. On one single notebook you can find different subjects mixed, drawings, sketches, thoughts or any think that was on Chlewey's mind when he had a pen on it. Some of those thoughts and quotes are presented here.

Jag behöver bara tänka på något och därfor tänker jag på dig. Du har blivit något jag skall tänka på dessa ögonblick då Sverige blir det jag vill nå. För jag vill nå dig, skratta med dig, vara glad med dig, stanna hos dig, med dig och för dig. Jag behöver dig och det är det till och med möjligt att jag har börjat älska dig.
1993-January or February
Thy eyes; my little piece of life!
1993-January or February